Skanska Homes in Finland uses Moor to provide customized homes to their customers. With Moor, they are able to make buying a new home a great experience.

Susanna-SucksdorffSusanna Sucksdorff, R&D Manager at Skanska, says, “Creating good customer experiences is our first concern, but at the same time a constant challenge. With the customers’ individual homes and a wide range of different material options it is difficult to reconcile between construction schedules and the ever-increasing pressure on cost-effective processes.”

Skanska Homes KodinOnni (HappyHome) service is an important part of this palette. We can provide customers with more information about the new home for equipment and materials, and facilitate your choices. But just as important is to give the customer more power and the ability to test various combinations and “play” before the interior decoration choices are fixed. Your new home design should be inspiring, and now we are one step closer to the goal.”