Flexible Material Choices and Communications Solution for Construction Companies


Roomdesk helps companies in construction trade to manage home owners materials choices and alteration needs with communications tools and mass customized service offering.  Roomdesk is cloud based SaaS solution for always up-to-date and easily reachable information on materials choices and alterations. Roomdek helps teamwork between Sales, Customer Service and Construction teams but it can as also be handled by just one person in the organization. This makes it flexible solution for different types of teams.

Flexibility for Different Needs

Roomdesk offers different solution packages to suit your specific needs. Packages are build to match different needs to handle customer communications and material choices. Additionally you can customize the packages with different value adding services. This makes Roomdesk suitable for various types of construction companies.


Communications is an easy to use home owner and tenant communications tool for construction projects communications needs.


Renovation is a simple and efficient tool for managing Renovations Projects’ material choices and owner and tenant communications.


Developer is a full Residential Developer solution. It helps projects to manage material choices and customer communications efficiently.